Installation procedure

Despite being go getable, GDNative-Go needs a few extra steps in order to install it successfully but worry not, the process is pretty straightforward, first get the library and cd into it:

go get -u
cd $GOPATH/src/

Initialize the git submodule to get the Godot’s godot-headers source code

git submodule update --init --recursive

if you already have a copy gdnative-code and you want to update godot-headers you should run git submodule foreach git pull origin master instead

Now we need to generate the Go wrappers around NativeScript types using the generation script:

go run build/mage.go

The command above will:

  • download latest Godot documentation to inject documentation to newly generated wrapper structures
  • generate Go wrappers
  • build and install the library

Installing gogdc compiler

Optionally you can also install the gogdc compiler utility to autoregister classes, GDNative-Go library supports boilerplate code auto generation in order to auto register classes within Godot. To create the compiler binary just run:

go run build/mage.go install

you will need to add the $GOPATH/bin to your $PATH to use the gogdc compiler in your projects